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Il Gatto Sul G News?

Hey aaaall....

If anyone is still around.

Just a random item that I found out just yesterday. I personally thought this was over since even the afterword of Vol III's release seems to imply it was done.

Miyagi-sensei continued to release a spin off story line for Il Gatto Sul G, focusing on Saki Narukawa. It's called "遠い日の蝶/Tooi Hi no Chō" and June Manga has already published it just this past May.


First chapter is actually a visit in the lives of Atsushi and Riya after their reunion (not directly after but... basically what to expect?) I found it amusing at least.

The rest of the chapters are again, focused on Saki and some stuff on his past. It also goes back to the time when Riya decided to move to the US to study music. So no Atsushi, but Riya is there as a support character and he's just brimming of cute. And really... Saki and Riya's interactions are entertaining to read.

Anyway, I think this marks it being really over. Kinda sad... makes me wish the fandom was bigger so I could expect something like doujinshi to buy or fanart to hunt...
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